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Busy Day Today!

Today is a busy day! Last night I spent the night at my BFF Summer’s house and today we are going to go to the J Pervis agency and meet with our respective managers!  After that we are going to go back to Summer’s house and go swimming in their awesome pool!

Me and my bestie, Summer!

Me and one of my best friend’s ever, Summer Parker!

This summer I have been going to The Aurora Theater’s Summer Camp.  We have been rehearsing Sussical Jr., a musical.  We will be doing two performances this Friday and a third performance on Saturday.  I get to play Yertle the Turtle!  For my part, I get to have a solo!  I am so excited!!!

Yertle the Turtle

Yertle the Turtle

My daddy and I made the costume I will be wearing for the production.  I will post a pic of it after the first performance!

Oh, and check out the right hand side...

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“South for the Winter” was AMAZING!!!

Last year I worked on a film for Painted Horse Film Production called, “South for the Winter” (they also did the Dorito commercial me and my daddy filmed back in October).  I had a small role in the film as “Duck #1”.  My scene was with a group of kids that were on a public access channel on TV singing a song about ducks that had once populated the town that were now gone (the ducks, not the town).  You can read the film synopsis on the production company’s website here!

Yesterday was the premier for the movie for select cast, crew and their families and we were invited.  The event was held at RickyD’s in Madison, Georgia (more on them in a moment).  So, what did I think of the movie???  Let me put it this way...

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My latest video shoot and an exciting trip with my school to Blue Ridge!

In my last blog post I told you about a short film I did with my acting class. It was where I played a “mean girl” at a dance party set in the 1980s. Well check it out!

I think everyone did a FANTASTIC job and my acting teacher, Mr. Tim Donner did  ‘like… a totally awesome’ job of coaching and filming! LOL

Today I leave with my class to Blue Ridge, Georgia for an overnight field trip!  I am so excited!  My Mommy is going with me and we are going to hike up with the class to the Blue Ridge Mountain!  I will post pictures when I can.  Off to finish packing!

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Yesterday’s Audition for ‘Mary Poppins’

So, I had my audition yesterday for ‘Mary Poppins’.  First off, it was a reunion of sorts!  I saw my friends from Les Miz there, DJ and Alma!  It was so good to see them!  As for the audition itself, I think I did pretty good!  I think that Ms. Ann-Carol was happy with my script read (in full English accent) and I think I did the song pretty good too!  Now it is in God’s hands and if I get it, GREAT, but if not, then at least I can take comfort in the fact that I gave the best audition I could possibly give for the awesome people at The Aurora!

Speaking of The Aurora, my mom signed me up for the Drama Beach Day Camp for next Wednesday at the Aurora!  I am so excited!!!  It is a 1-day camp led by teaching artists who are also some of Atlanta’s most talented working actors and comedian...

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Auditioning for Mary Poppins Today!

Today is my audition for Mary Poppins.  It is this afternoon.  I must admit I am nervous.  I was working on it last night and the only thing that I am having problems with is the fast spelling of ‘Supercalifragilistic…’ in the beginning of the song.  Once we get past that, then it is the normal chorus of the song.  I am a good speller and I must say, really good at memorization, but when you factor that in to a song it presents a unique challenge!  It may seem simple but trust me, IT IS NOT! :) Like I mentioned yesterday, I really do want to earn the role of Jane but if I do not get it, that is fine.  I just want to give a great audition for Ms. Ann-Carol.

Today is “Late Start Wednesday” at my school which means we start an hour later so I am taking advantage of that time by working o...

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Rehearsing for ‘Mary Poppins’ and my take on TWD and HIMYM!

So, what do you think of the new pics added to the slide show on my website?!?!?!  Aren’t they AWESOME!!!  Mr. Scott and Mrs. Colleen at LeisureFoto do such great work!!!  I kept a couple from the previous slide show.  The new pics are the first (me sitting on the swing) and third one (“serious” look, dark background).  Once we have selected all the photos from the shoot and we receive them, I will post them on my website!

I got a singing lesson in with Mr. Bill last night working on ‘Supercalifragilistic…’...

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What a busy week!

It has been a busy week in our house!  As for me, I attended an actors workshop earlier in the week hosted by Matt Clement, a well known commercial director with many credits under his belt. I was the only child in attendance but I must say, I held my own with the adults when doing a commercial monologue!  On a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, I scored ALL 5s!!!  He said the only thing that would hold me back in booking the fictional gig would have been my age.  I was too young (it was a fictional commercial for Guild Guitars).  But outside of my age, I would have theoretically booked it. :)

My mom’s car battery died this week too...

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My thoughts on the latest ‘The Walking Dead’…

So, are you as shocked as I am over the last TWD?!?!  Oh my goodness!  I knew Lizzie was crazy, but THAT CRAZY???


If you have not seen the latest TWD and do not what to know some key plot points, you do not want to read any further!!!

Lizzie killed her little sister Mika with a knife. She is smiling, saying that she only wanted to prove to everyone that the Walkers are just like everybody else and was waiting for Mika to regenerate as a Walker. Lizzie says she was just about to turn Judith, too!!!  I thought that Carol handled it with care.  Carol leads Lizzie into the woods to pick flowers for Mika “for when she comes back”. Lizzie begins to cry because she believes Carol is mad at her. “Just look at the flowers, Lizzie,” Carol says in a shaky voice...

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“The Single Mom’s Club” was AWESOME!

Over the weekend we saw “The Single Mom’s Club” and it was AWESOME!  Such a very well written and acted movie!  The highlight of the movie for me was seeing one of my acting mentors, Helen Ingebritsen!  She had a great scene with dialogue (she plays a piano teacher).  SHE DID AWESOME!!!  We also saw my daddy twice in a scene (at the birthday party at the Mexican restaurant about 30 minutes in to the movie).  As for me, hehehe, well guess what?  Yes, I was in it.  Yes, I saw me.  And yes, IT WAS THE BACK OF MY HEAD!!! LOL!  Oh well, if they ever give Oscars for “Best Back of Head” I will be a prime contender! :)  But that does not matter to me.  I am just sooo happy for Ms. Helen!!!

Me and Helen Ingebritsen after the movie.

Me and Helen Ingebritsen after the movie.

Ms. Helen's name on the end credits...unfortunately they spelled her name wrong.


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Single Mom’s Club Pic

Here is a picture of me in my character’s school uniform when I did, “The Single Mom’s Club”.  Today is it’s big release!


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