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Late night filming but it is in the can!

Last night, I filmed my hosting episode of “The Amazing Stupendous Tree House”! It went very well am I am very excited to see it! Mr. Shaheed Jackson, the creator/producer/director and writer of the show did an outstanding job with the filming and made it very easy to work. Once he releases it for viewing I will post it here!

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Sorry about the lack of updates!

So far I have had a wonderful but busy Summer! Our neighborhood pool has officially opened and me, my family and friends have been spending a lot of time there. I have also been working. I filmed a taped audition last week, filmed some segments on Sunday for the show I am working on, “The Amazing Stupendous Tree House”, and will film some additional scenes tomorrow. Busy, busy, busy, but I love what I do and I am so glad it is Summer vacation!!!

This is me and my friends at our neighborhood pool!  That is me, second from the right.

This is me and my friends at our neighborhood pool! That is me, second from the right.

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First day of summer break!

Missing my Daddy but looking forward to an awesome summer!

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About to leave for a movie shoot!


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Here is a preview of the show I am working on!

This is a preview of The Amazing Extravaganza Treehouse! This is more of a pilot episode to help explain what this web series will be about. I think it turned out awesome! (if you are using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, you may have to hit ‘Refresh’ for the video to display properly)

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Me and my friends!


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Not only is it Friday, but it’s the last day of school!

Woot-woot!!! :)

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Field Day wore me out!

Gee, thanks Mom for taking this picture! LOL


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Is it Friday Yet??? :)


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Congrats to Sari!

I forgot to mention this yesterday but a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Sari for her first speaking role!

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