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“South for the Winter” was AMAZING!!!

Last year I worked on a film for Painted Horse Film Production called, “South for the Winter” (they also did the Dorito commercial me and my daddy filmed back in October).  I had a small role in the film as “Duck #1”.  My scene was with a group of kids that were on a public access channel on TV singing a song about ducks that had once populated the town that were now gone (the ducks, not the town).  You can read the film synopsis on the production company’s website here!

Yesterday was the premier for the movie for select cast, crew and their families and we were invited.  The event was held at RickyD’s in Madison, Georgia (more on them in a moment).  So, what did I think of the movie???  Let me put it this way...

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My latest video shoot and an exciting trip with my school to Blue Ridge!

In my last blog post I told you about a short film I did with my acting class. It was where I played a “mean girl” at a dance party set in the 1980s. Well check it out!

I think everyone did a FANTASTIC job and my acting teacher, Mr. Tim Donner did  ‘like… a totally awesome’ job of coaching and filming! LOL

Today I leave with my class to Blue Ridge, Georgia for an overnight field trip!  I am so excited!  My Mommy is going with me and we are going to hike up with the class to the Blue Ridge Mountain!  I will post pictures when I can.  Off to finish packing!

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Busy, but Fun Easter Weekend!

Happy Monday, Everyone!

This weekend just flew by!  On Saturday, my Mommy and I saw “Annie” at The Lyric Theater and we LOVED it!!!  It was a Les Mis reunion of sorts.  A lot of the cast from The Aurora’s, “Les Miserables” was there.  I got to see Kevin Harry, Jono Davis, Jada Bartolozzi and Chris Lewis!  They were all so AMAZING but that is not surprising! :)

Chris Lewis, Michelle Bartolozzi, myself, Jono Davis and Kevin Harry. A 'Le Mis' reunion!

Chris Lewis, Jada Bartolozzi, myself, Jono Davis and Kevin Harry. A ‘Le Mis’ reunion!

Me and Mr. Kevin Harry.  He was simply AMAZING as "Daddy Warbucks"!

Me and Mr. Kevin Harry. He was simply AMAZING as “Daddy Warbucks”!

After the show, we had to go to my acting coach’s studio in Atlanta to do a short film for class.  The scene is set in the 1980’s at a school dance...

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Some big changes!

Now that everything is official, I can go ahead and make this public.  This will be my last year at the private Christian school I have been attending for 7 years.  Starting next school year (the 6th grade), I will be attending a charter school for the county we live in.  This will work out for the best for me.  I will do a 3 of my school days from home while attending 2 days physically at the school.  This will be very beneficial for auditions or if I am booked for a job.

These past 7 years at my old school have truly been a blessing for all of us. We will always consider the people there as part of our family and I must say I have received some of the best academic and spiritual education from that school...

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My Stevi B’s Billboard is still up!

This was taken by a friend of ours off I-75 in Florida over the weekend!

The billboard that started it all!

The billboard that started it all!

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End of Spring Break :(

Today I go back to school, Spring Break has officially ended. :(  That being said, I had an AWESOME Spring Break!  Going to Senoia, Georgia and touring The Walking Dead shooting locations, attending Drama Beach Camp at The Aurora, filming a shoot for ‘Funny or Die’, having not one, but two spend the nights at my friend Summer Parker’s house…this was a GREAT Spring Break!  While at Summer’s house over this past weekend, we also got to spend time with our agent (we share the same agent), Tay Smith with J. Pervis!  Summer and I had a great time teaming up together and playing ping pong against Tay and Summer’s brother, Stuart.

Summer and I ready to whip Tay and Stuart in ping pong! LOL

Summer and I ready to whip Tay and Stuart in ping pong! LOL

Me and my agent, Tay Smith!

Me and my agent, Tay Smith!

Below are some pics of the BEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD, my dog Mia!  This past Sat...

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Awesome day trip to see TWD filming locations!

Yesterday, me, my mommy and my daddy took a day trip down to Senoia, Georgia to see the filming locations for one of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead! We had so much fun! We were in the historic downtown district of Senoia which was also the setting of Woodbury from Season 3. Below are some pics from our trip!


The “Pudding House” where Carl sat on the roof eating a huge can of pudding!


Me and my daddy in front of The Woodbury Shoppe, downtown Senoia, Georgia (a.k.a. Downtown “Woodbury”). I bought an awesome TWD throw blanket!


Posing in front of the choppers that Daryll Dixon used in the first 3 seasons of TWD!


“Don’t Dead, Open Inside!” LOL


Me and my daddy posing not too far from the silos where Daryll and one of The Governor’s minions talked and smoked while Rick and The Governor were ...

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Had an awesome time with my acting friends last night!

Last night, me and my family went to my friend Summer’s house for a cookout/party. Summer is an actress just like me (she has had featured roles in “Sleepy Hollow” and “Star Crossed”). Also there were other acting friends of mine, Natalie and Kendall! Natalie is in my acting class that Tim Donner teaches with Summer and myself while Kendall does singing and theater! We had so much fun! While the grown-ups were upstairs we kids were in the finished basement playing and singing. So much fun!

Acting kids rock!


Me, Summer, Natalie and Kendall


Me, Summer, Natalie, Tim Donner (our acting teacher), and Kendall

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Things to do on Spring Break

So my mom and dad have been talking about things to do on Spring Break next week.  One thing they mentioned that is really exciting is taking a day trip down to Senoia, Georgia and looking at the filming locations for The Walking Dead!  Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE The Walking Dead!!!  That will be so cool if we can do that!  I would love to see Woodbury and all the other locations around that area where they film the show!   The most exciting part is that I think they have started up filming for the next season!  I would love to meet my future TV parents, Glenn and Maggie! LOL!  Below are some pictures that a friend of our family, Sara, posted to her FB page when she was in Senoia earlier in the week:

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Yesterday’s Audition for ‘Mary Poppins’

So, I had my audition yesterday for ‘Mary Poppins’.  First off, it was a reunion of sorts!  I saw my friends from Les Miz there, DJ and Alma!  It was so good to see them!  As for the audition itself, I think I did pretty good!  I think that Ms. Ann-Carol was happy with my script read (in full English accent) and I think I did the song pretty good too!  Now it is in God’s hands and if I get it, GREAT, but if not, then at least I can take comfort in the fact that I gave the best audition I could possibly give for the awesome people at The Aurora!

Speaking of The Aurora, my mom signed me up for the Drama Beach Day Camp for next Wednesday at the Aurora!  I am so excited!!!  It is a 1-day camp led by teaching artists who are also some of Atlanta’s most talented working actors and comedian...

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