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Auditioning for Mary Poppins Today!

Today is my audition for Mary Poppins.  It is this afternoon.  I must admit I am nervous.  I was working on it last night and the only thing that I am having problems with is the fast spelling of ‘Supercalifragilistic…’ in the beginning of the song.  Once we get past that, then it is the normal chorus of the song.  I am a good speller and I must say, really good at memorization, but when you factor that in to a song it presents a unique challenge!  It may seem simple but trust me, IT IS NOT! :) Like I mentioned yesterday, I really do want to earn the role of Jane but if I do not get it, that is fine.  I just want to give a great audition for Ms. Ann-Carol.

Today is “Late Start Wednesday” at my school which means we start an hour later so I am taking advantage of that time by working o...

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Rehearsing for ‘Mary Poppins’ and my take on TWD and HIMYM!

So, what do you think of the new pics added to the slide show on my website?!?!?!  Aren’t they AWESOME!!!  Mr. Scott and Mrs. Colleen at LeisureFoto do such great work!!!  I kept a couple from the previous slide show.  The new pics are the first (me sitting on the swing) and third one (“serious” look, dark background).  Once we have selected all the photos from the shoot and we receive them, I will post them on my website!

I got a singing lesson in with Mr. Bill last night working on ‘Supercalifragilistic…’...

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