My thoughts on the latest ‘The Walking Dead’…

So, are you as shocked as I am over the last TWD?!?!  Oh my goodness!  I knew Lizzie was crazy, but THAT CRAZY???


If you have not seen the latest TWD and do not what to know some key plot points, you do not want to read any further!!!

Lizzie killed her little sister Mika with a knife. She is smiling, saying that she only wanted to prove to everyone that the Walkers are just like everybody else and was waiting for Mika to regenerate as a Walker. Lizzie says she was just about to turn Judith, too!!!  I thought that Carol handled it with care.  Carol leads Lizzie into the woods to pick flowers for Mika “for when she comes back”. Lizzie begins to cry because she believes Carol is mad at her. “Just look at the flowers, Lizzie,” Carol says in a shaky voice. Crying, Carol shoots Lizzie.

I must say the producers picked a wise choice with, Brighton Sharbino, she was FANTASTIC as Lizzie!  She played “crazy” really well!

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