Awesome day trip to see TWD filming locations!

Yesterday, me, my mommy and my daddy took a day trip down to Senoia, Georgia to see the filming locations for one of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead! We had so much fun! We were in the historic downtown district of Senoia which was also the setting of Woodbury from Season 3. Below are some pics from our trip!


The “Pudding House” where Carl sat on the roof eating a huge can of pudding!


Me and my daddy in front of The Woodbury Shoppe, downtown Senoia, Georgia (a.k.a. Downtown “Woodbury”). I bought an awesome TWD throw blanket!


Posing in front of the choppers that Daryll Dixon used in the first 3 seasons of TWD!


“Don’t Dead, Open Inside!” LOL


Me and my daddy posing not too far from the silos where Daryll and one of The Governor’s minions talked and smoked while Rick and The Governor were meeting.


I knew I recognized this scene! It was from the TWD Season 3 opening credits!


Starting the day off right with me and my daddy enjoying some Starbucks Mocha Fraps!


The awesome TWD throw blanket I bought at The Woodbury Shoppe!