Some big changes!

Now that everything is official, I can go ahead and make this public.  This will be my last year at the private Christian school I have been attending for 7 years.  Starting next school year (the 6th grade), I will be attending a charter school for the county we live in.  This will work out for the best for me.  I will do a 3 of my school days from home while attending 2 days physically at the school.  This will be very beneficial for auditions or if I am booked for a job.

These past 7 years at my old school have truly been a blessing for all of us. We will always consider the people there as part of our family and I must say I have received some of the best academic and spiritual education from that school. We are just pursuing a different route at this time that works best for me and my family. :)

I found out last week that I did not get the part in Mary Poppins.  I am cool with that.  I know I gave a darn good audition and that Ms. Ann-Carol noticed it.  I think it was my height that hindered this one.  A lot of the boys that auditioned were taller than me and Jane is supposed to be the older sibling.  Regardless though, when it comes out I can’t wait to see it.  This being an Aurora production you just know it is going to be of the highest quality and caliber!  Not only that, but it frees my family’s plans to make a trip to New York this summer!

And speaking of “Summer” (LOL), I want to give a shout out to one of my best friends, Summer Parker!  She is on a role here!  With her featured roles in Sleepy Hollow and Star Crossed, this past week she shot a featured network promo!  Team Summer!!!

Future A-list star in the making, Summer Parker!!!

Future A-list star in the making, Summer Parker!!!