Audition for a VERY cool role!

On Saturday I had an audition for a VERY cool role! I am not going to go in to detail about the role but I will say it is character/movie that I have been itching to play! Think Hannibal Lectur meets The Manson Family. :)
I have always wanted to do a psychological thriller and this role encompasses that. The audition went really well and now we get to play the waiting game. :)

In order to prepare for my audition I watched one of the best psychological thrillers of all time, “Silence of the Lambs” (my mommy covered my eyes for the “adult” scenes). I just have to say, “WOW”! The performances of Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins was simply AMAZING! Also, the man that played Jame Gumb, Ted Levine (he also played Captain Stottlemeyer in, “Monk”), was just CREEPY in that role which is a testament to his acting since he is such a nice guy (in respect to the character) in “Monk”. Such a fantastic movie that my parents said is just as suspenseful and exciting today as it was almost 25 years after its release.

I am officially a 6th grader now and I am very excited about the new grade and attending a new school! I am going to miss all of my “old school” friends but super excited about attending my new school with my BFF Christa! Friday, my very last day at school, was “Messy Day”. What that means is that we played various games in which we were covered by our fellow students with mustard, ketchup, flour, and pretty much everything else edible and imaginable. At the end, the city firetruck came by the school, pointed their hoses up in the air and soaked us wet! We had so much fun! I am truly going to miss that place and all the people there, faculty and students. :(

So, do you think I won for "Messiest" on Messy Day? :)

So, do you think I won for “Messiest” on Messy Day? :)