Busy Day Today!

Today is a busy day! Last night I spent the night at my BFF Summer’s house and today we are going to go to the J Pervis agency and meet with our respective managers!  After that we are going to go back to Summer’s house and go swimming in their awesome pool!

Me and my bestie, Summer!

Me and one of my best friend’s ever, Summer Parker!


This summer I have been going to The Aurora Theater’s Summer Camp.  We have been rehearsing Sussical Jr., a musical.  We will be doing two performances this Friday and a third performance on Saturday.  I get to play Yertle the Turtle!  For my part, I get to have a solo!  I am so excited!!!

Yertle the Turtle

Yertle the Turtle


My daddy and I made the costume I will be wearing for the production.  I will post a pic of it after the first performance!

Oh, and check out the right hand side.  I now have my Twitter feed embedded on to my site!!!