It has been a busy few weeks

Hi everyone!  Sorry I have not been posting lately.  Life has been very busy for me.  With starting school, acting classes, singing lessons and rehearsing for a local production of “Annie”, finding time to update this site has been hard. :)

So to catch everyone up.  I have started a new school that is 2 days on campus and 3 days working online from home.  I love the school and the fact that my BFF Christa Campbell attends and I am also making some new, wonderful friends.  However, this is the 6th grade and as the saying goes, things just got real!  The curriculum is pretty tough and the learning curve with working mostly online has been quite an adjustment…but now the 4th week in things are starting to settle and I am adjusting to this new approach to school.

Just this past week I have started back with Tim Donner for acting and Mr. Bill for singing.  With Summer coming to an end it is time to start exercising the acting / singing muscles! :)  I LOVE working with both of them so I am really glad to start back up with these two talented gentlemen!

I also mentioned that I am in a local production of “Annie”!  This is produced by a local pastor and his wife and I am very excited that I got the role of “July”.  I also filmed a Christian music video last week and I am very excited to see how that turned out!