The early bird catches the worm…


Me and Mommy were up at the crack of dawn to do an early morning shoot for my acting class.  It was a parody of Harry Potter…hence the witches hat. :)

I got you now my pretties! :)

I got you now my pretties! :)

Last night I had a grown up conversation with my parents regarding taking rolls where there are some pretty heavy things involved.  Let’s be honest, not every role is going to be rainbows and unicorns.  There is a chance where I could be offered a roll where my character may be subjected to terrible things.  They asked me would I be comfortable with that.

I really had to think about that for a moment.  I then came to this conclusion and discussed it with my parents.  I am an actress.  I am being paid to be someone I am not.  To convince people of the dangers my character is in, to the best of my ability using the training I have been through.  Unfortunately, the world can be a not so friendly place and there are people out there that have stories reflecting that.  When hired, it is my job to make those stories as convincing as possible.  That being said, it also depends on a few factors.  The script being one.  Is the writer telling a story that is critical to the character and how it unfolds in the movie?  Is this a professional production?  Is the production crew aware of what they can and cannot do regarding child actors and the laws out there?  How will they handle cut aways and/or stand ins for my character if needed.  And most importantly…my Mommy and/or Daddy will ALWAYS be on set, looking out for me and to be there to comfort me when the director yells, “CUT!!! PRINT!!! MOVING ON TO THE NEXT SCENE!!!”.  I am still a kid after all. :)

But I AM a professional actress.