Did y’all remember to watch ‘Red Band Society’?

I saw it last night again (I went to the premier about a month ago)!  Loved it!  Cannot wait to see how this show develops!

Decked out for RBS!

Decked out for RBS!

Random Thoughts
So happy to see John Paul Marston on RBS last night (he was the guy running to catch the elevator)!

There is just something so good and tasty about spray cheese!

That being said, every spray of cheese on a cracker is an extra 2 minutes on the treadmill! LOL

My parents have never spanked me.  I am so grateful for that.

I think that Kevin Sussman (Stuart, the Comic Store owner) from Big Bang Theory is quite possibly one of the funniest characters on TV today.

I love singing show tunes in the shower!

Speaking of, my parents hate using the shower after me due to the lack of hot water.  Hey, I can’t just stop showering without finishing the 2nd act of Les Mis! :)

I love coffee.  Actually I love a little bit of coffee with lots of sweetner and creamer.

When I say that Christa Campbell and Summer Parker are my BFFs, I literally mean that.  I just know we will be close friends for life wherever our careers take us. :)

Just noticed this on IMDB…there is an actress named Liberty Smith.  My dad’s name is Liberty Smith!  Funny because it is such an uncommon name.

I am thinking of dressing as Michonne from The Walking Dead this year for Halloween.  I am soooo not a “dress up as a princess” girl.  Never have been, never will be (unless a role calls for it). :)

One month away until Walker Stalker, 2014!!!

I hope I get to meet Greg Nicotero at Walker Stalker!