I love this time of year!

I love the Fall.  As much as I love Summer, I love it this time of year when it is not too hot or not too cold.  I love when the leaves change colors.  I love Halloween!  But most importantly, I love the return of my favorite shows and the anticipation of new shows premiering!

Monday night had the return of, The Big Bang Theory and Sleepy Hollow.  I loved Penny’s new hair cut but man, I just could never work up the courage to cut my hair so short…unless a role called for it.  I love Sleepy Hollow, the season premier was awesome… but again…they need to bring back “Evil Girl”. :)

Tonight is the season premier of two other favorite shows, The Middle and Modern Family.  My parents always say that the writers of The Middle must have hidden cameras in our home to come up with ideas for story lines. LOL

I found this so awesome.  Take a look at some pics of one of my idols, Audrey Hepburn.  Beautiful on the inside and out.

Being an actress trying to get her foot in the door can be challenging, especially when you are a kid.  In the two years I have been doing this, I have learned from the success in booking a role, and the sadness in being rejected for a role.  Some people say that a kid should not be put through that.  That they’re too young to have to go through such ups and downs and yes, I admit that sometimes it can be tough.  But the same thing can be said of kids my age that play football, baseball, basketball, soccer, competitive cheerleading and dance, etc.  You learn to appreciate “a win” and accept “a loss”.  It is important for kids my age to experience these things be it in sports, arts or entertainment.  These are lessons we are learning at a young age to take in to adulthood.  And like any athlete, I learn from “the losses”.  I try to get feedback whenever I can on what could I have done to strengthen that audition.  Did you spot any weaknesses and if so, what were they so I can improve upon them?  Acting can be just as competitive as any sport out there because there are so many of us trying to get the same role for various productions.  As athletes work out and exercise to improve their muscles and speed, actors work on their technique, delivery, facial expressions, their vocalizations, their tone, in some cases their signing and dancing…just so they can have that edge over their competitor.  It is what I do.

Just like any other kid out there.