Loved The Walking Dead Premier!!!

So, has everyone had a chance to watch The Walking Dead season premier???  Oh my gosh, it was AWESOME!!!  I am not going to give away any spoilers, but lets just say that Tyreese and Carol are my new heroes!!!  As my mom and dad would say, they are bad A’s! 😉  Also, if you watched it to the very end, a beloved character from earlier in the series makes his return!


Oh, and speaking of The Walking Dead, my Daddy and his friend Mr. Scott (who is also my official photographer), run a Facebook and Twitter page called Two Dudes Recapping The Walking Dead (Twitter: @2DRTWD).  Please take a moment to either “Like” them on FB or follow them on Twitter (or both!) .  They post some really, really funny (and ORIGINAL) Walking Dead stuff on their sites!

I am proud to announce that I am now a Beatles fan, particularly a Paul McCartney fan!  For the past few Sundays when my Daddy is making breakfast for us, he has been playing his iPod (used to be my iPod until I got an iPhone) which has almost every Beatles song ever recorded on it (once I gave my iPod to my Dad, he loaded that sucker up with his music. :) ).  Because of that I have been hearing more and more of their work and I must say, I AM LIKING IT!  I started out singing some of their songs by myself while playing Minecraft.  Then over the weekend my dad started playing along with me while I sang (he can play almost every Beatles song on the guitar, he has been a fan of them since my age).  My Mommy overheard us playing and suggested that we both enter my school’s talent show in November.  Long story short, we are now entered and we will be playing an acoustic version of “Hello, Goodbye”, one of my favorites!  I must say I am kind of nervous, but also excited.  I look forward to performing on stage with my Daddy. :)

This will be me and my daddy except without the fancy uniforms, there will only be two of us and it will be acoustic. :)

Three more days until Walker-Stalker!!!  I am so, so, excited!  Now, I cannot go in to details, but I may have a chance to meet some Walker-Stalker VIPs.  If so I will post about it after the fact (if I am allowed to do so).