Walker Stalker 2014 was a BLAST!

Walker Stalker, 2014 was more than I expected!  On Friday, it was just me and my daddy and we attended many panel talks and saw many celebrities from the show.

Ready to do some Walking Stalking!

Ready to do some Walking Stalking!


The highlight of Friday was seeing and touring Dale’s RV.  That was so cool!


"There's a horde coming, let's get out of here!"

“There’s a horde coming, let’s get out of here!”


Later in the day when me and my Daddy were out walking we saw the man himself, Jeffrey DeMunn (“Dale” from TWD), touring his old RV. :)

Dale says, "Ahhh, home sweet home!"

Dale says, “Ahhh, home sweet home!”


Saturday was the BEST DAY EVER. On that day it was me, daddy AND mommy!  First, I got to meet Executive Producer and Director of not only The Walking Dead, but many, many other feature films and TV shows, Greg Nicotero!  I got a personal photo with him and an autographed photo of him with Bub the Zombie (more on him in a minute) from when he worked on Day of the Dead back in 1985 when he was just getting his start in the business!  Later in the afternoon, my dad got to meet someone he has always wanted to meet, Howard Sherman who played Bub the Zombie in Day of the Dead.  Though I believe I am a bit too young to see Day of the Dead and have never seen it, I was so happy for my daddy when he finally got to meet him and get his autograph.  As you all may or may not know, my daddy sometimes does extra work and has been around many celebrities for many productions but he has never been “star struck”.  Well, he said he was totally star struck around Mr. Sherman because it was the movie, Day of the Dead and Mr. Sherman’s portrayal of Bub the Zombie that got him interested in the zombie genre.  Both Mr. Nicotero and Mr. Sherman were so very nice!  I was so glad i got to meet them both!


With Greg Nicotero!

With Greg Nicotero!


With Howard Sherman!

With Howard Sherman!

Both Howard and Greg signed my photo!  I am so framing this! :)

Both Howard and Greg signed my photo! I am so framing this! :)


Now, one of two highlight of the day, or the weekend, or the year!  So, my family and I were in a non-busy area of the autograph floor when out of nowhere, Norman Reedus and the people escorting him walk by.  My mommy was able to snap a quick, but blurry pic of it.


We deduced that he was going to take a quick break from his autograph booth because he still had a HUMONGOUS line waiting for him (from what we heard, people were waiting for  4 to 5 hours just to get his autograph, no pics. So we decided to hang out in that area and wait for him to return since he would most likely go the same return route back to his autograph table.  All I wanted to do was video him walking back and that was it.  So, an hour later, we see him heading our way.  I whip out my iPhone and start recording.  What you see below is what happened:

Mr. Reedus not only stopped what he was doing, but looked directly at me, held up his hand, then I held up mine and he high fived me!  Now, keep in mind, HE wanted to high five me, I did not have my hand up, I was busy filming.  Oh my goodness I was SO STAR STRUCK, I must confess!  I even said the fangirlish. “I am never washing this hand again!” LOL.  All kidding aside, he was so sweet and nice to do that, I will never forget that!

Sunday, we were all VERY tired and kind of took it easy during the convention.  We did attend Steven Yeun’s panel though and during the Q & A, I made my way up to the mic and asked him a question (my mom shot the video but it has not been uploaded to You Tube for me to post on my site).  But, before I asked my question he told me how cute I was!  That was so AWESOME!  Again, star struck!  I basically asked him if he used local acting coaches to prep for scenes and if so, who did he use and why.  He answered that he does not really, that his working with the other cast members on TWD is good enough coaching which I thought was cool because they are all so very talented!

That is all I have for now, time for school!


Until next year Walker Stalker 2015…BUWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!