Meant to post this yesterday…

I just want to wish my Daddy a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!



Last Week on TWD: Bob-B-Q
This Week on TWD: Bye-Bye-Bob

My parents have confirmed for me that the majority of stuff that I am learning in math outside of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, is seldom if ever used at least in their real world applications. :)

I am learning how to play the piano while accompanying myself singing.  Very difficult, but so much fun!

Every child should have a dog to grow up with.  I love my Mia so much!

I saw once again, one of my favorite movies of all time, “Silence of the Lambs” over the weekend (I hide my eyes during the gross and/or ‘adult’ parts).  The acting in that movie from Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster all the way to Scott Glenn and Ted Levine is so top notch!  That movie should be required viewing for every aspiring actor!

And speaking of “Silence of the Lambs”, pay attention to Anthony Hopkins performance.  You’ll notice there is something unnerving and off putting about him (besides being a highly intelligent serial killer who eats his victims).  If you have not figured it out by now, it is the fact that he seldom blinks while performing as Hannibal Lecter.  People find that very disturbing because it is not highly noticable and is one of those, “There is just something creepy about him/her that unnerves me but I can’t quite put my finger on it…” :)

Over the weekend we went to our city’s local “Trick or Treat on Main Street” thingy.  I dressed as Wednesday Addams.  There were at least 100 girls dressed as the princesses from “Frozen”.  Nothing wrong with that, I just found it funny and amusing see so many different creative variations of those characters! :)

I think Wednesday Addams was the Original Goth Girl. :)

BOO! Trick or Treat!

I think I nailed the Wednesday Addams blank, emotionless stare. :)