Day 1 – Walker Stalker!

Today is day 1 of Walker Stalker and I am so EXCITED!!!  Can I get a ‘WOOT-WOOT’?! :)

I will post pictures when I can though it may be later this evening or late tonight.

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Loved The Walking Dead Premier!!!

So, has everyone had a chance to watch The Walking Dead season premier???  Oh my gosh, it was AWESOME!!!  I am not going to give away any spoilers, but lets just say that Tyreese and Carol are my new heroes!!!  As my mom and dad would say, they are bad A’s! 😉  Also, if you watched it to the very end, a beloved character from earlier in the series makes his return!


Oh, and speaking of The Walking Dead, my Daddy and his friend Mr. Scott (who is also my official photographer), run a Facebook and Twitter page called Two Dudes Recapping The Walking Dead (Twitter: @2DRTWD).  Please take a moment to either “Like” them on FB or follow them on Twitter (or both!) .  They post some really, really funny (and ORIGINAL) Walking Dead stuff on their sites!

I am proud to announce that I am now a ...

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One more week until Walker Stalker!

Walker Stalker is one week away! I am so excited, I can’t wait! What’s more exciting is the season premier of The Walking Dead this weekend! I can’t wait to sit with my Daddy and watch it!

Sorry about the lack of updates but these past few weeks have been pretty busy. I had mid terms this week at school and an audition earlier in the week. That along with singing, dancing and rehearsals for, “Annie” have made me a bit lazy in my free time. :)

Oh, we got an email from filmmaker Fred Grant and the premier of Dekiru: The Three Stones will be Saturday Nov. 1st at The Plaza Theater in Atlanta, GA at 7:00pm. I play Young Madison McFall!  I encourage EVERYONE to go to this, you will love it!  Click here to reserve your tickets!

As an added incentive to go see it, check out the trailer below (look...

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I love this time of year!

I love the Fall.  As much as I love Summer, I love it this time of year when it is not too hot or not too cold.  I love when the leaves change colors.  I love Halloween!  But most importantly, I love the return of my favorite shows and the anticipation of new shows premiering!

Monday night had the return of, The Big Bang Theory and Sleepy Hollow.  I loved Penny’s new hair cut but man, I just could never work up the courage to cut my hair so short…unless a role called for it.  I love Sleepy Hollow, the season premier was awesome… but again…they need to bring back “Evil Girl”. :)

Tonight is the season premier of two other favorite shows, The Middle and Modern Family.  My parents always say that the writers of The Middle must have hidden cameras in our home to come up with ideas for stor...

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I get to see my BFF today and more random thoughts!

Today being Tuesday, I get to go in to school today which I love!  I love the school, my teachers and the new friends I have made, but most importantly I get to see and spend time with my BFF, Christa Campbell!

My favorite part of the day…just before bedtime loving on my sweet puppy, Mia!


Random Thoughts

I try not to take for granted the life I have been given and the fact that I am truly blessed!

I love it when my friends book roles.  Their success is a positive reflection on kid actors!

And speaking of that, BRING BACK THE EVIL GIRL ON “SLEEPY HOLLOW”!!! (a.k.a. one of my BFFs, Summer Parker)

Saw “Into the Storm” over the weekend.  LOVED IT!!!  My favorite part was the fire tornado!!!

Less than a month away from “Walker Stalker, Atlanta-2014”!!! SO EXCITED!!!

A little over a month a...

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Did y’all remember to watch ‘Red Band Society’?

I saw it last night again (I went to the premier about a month ago)!  Loved it!  Cannot wait to see how this show develops!

Decked out for RBS!

Decked out for RBS!

Random Thoughts
So happy to see John Paul Marston on RBS last night (he was the guy running to catch the elevator)!

There is just something so good and tasty about spray cheese!

That being said, every spray of cheese on a cracker is an extra 2 minutes on the treadmill! LOL

My parents have never spanked me.  I am so grateful for that.

I think that Kevin Sussman (Stuart, the Comic Store owner) from Big Bang Theory is quite possibly one of the funniest characters on TV today.

I love singing show tunes in the shower!

Speaking of, my parents hate using the shower after me due to the lack of hot water...

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The early bird catches the worm…


Me and Mommy were up at the crack of dawn to do an early morning shoot for my acting class.  It was a parody of Harry Potter…hence the witches hat. :)

I got you now my pretties! :)

I got you now my pretties! :)

Last night I had a grown up conversation with my parents regarding taking rolls where there are some pretty heavy things involved.  Let’s be honest, not every role is going to be rainbows and unicorns.  There is a chance where I could be offered a roll where my character may be subjected to terrible things.  They asked me would I be comfortable with that.

I really had to think about that for a moment.  I then came to this conclusion and discussed it with my parents.  I am an actress.  I am being paid to be someone I am not...

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Random thoughts and a few pics!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

As I write this it is a overcast, muggy and drizzly.  I really do hope it passes over because today is field trip day at my school!  First we will be going to the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center and then Zip Lining!  “Rain, rain go away”! LOL!

Actors I wish I would have had a chance to meet but are no longer with us:
Audrey Hepburn
Marlon Brando
James Dean
Stella Adler
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Brittany Murphy
…to name a few

Actors I would like to meet and are still with us:
Jennifer Lawrence
George Clooney
Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie
The Entire Primary Cast of The Walking Dead :)
George Romero (A writer/director, not an actor.  But without him there would be no Walking Dead!!!)
…and many, many more!

Actors I have met, know or have worked with (in no particul...

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It has been a busy few weeks

Hi everyone!  Sorry I have not been posting lately.  Life has been very busy for me.  With starting school, acting classes, singing lessons and rehearsing for a local production of “Annie”, finding time to update this site has been hard. :)

So to catch everyone up.  I have started a new school that is 2 days on campus and 3 days working online from home.  I love the school and the fact that my BFF Christa Campbell attends and I am also making some new, wonderful friends.  However, this is the 6th grade and as the saying goes, things just got real!  The curriculum is pretty tough and the learning curve with working mostly online has been quite an adjustment…but now the 4th week in things are starting to settle and I am adjusting to this new approach to school.

Just this past week I hav...

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

I was nominated by Kendall Wilkes to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  I accepted!  In turn, I nominate Hannah Westerfield, Luke Westerfield and Tay Smith!

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